IMG_0846Sunday night marked the official opening of Spring Awakening. There was every bit of glamour and emotion and gratitude that we imagined. We even had a spectacular spread of reviews to explore at the post opening meeting Monday morning.

Most importantly, what I expected to be a night of bitter sweet farewells was only the beginning. Just like the cast and crew, I will be continuing to work on the show until we close. This news came as a welcome surprise from Ken last week!

So where can you find me? I won’t be keeping a daily blog here but I will be at the theater for every performance for the lottery, Guilty Ones events, and whatever else the producing team might need.

This show is truly one of a kind. Thank you all for joining me on this journey.


IMG_0849The first day after a Broadway opening is a whirlwind of meetings and urgent decisions, and the top priority for the day is the post-opening ad meeting.

We arrived bright and early and were greeted by bagels and coffee and a summary of our top quotes in the reviews. These meetings typically revolve around spinning reviews to suit the interest of the show, but we had an unusual scenario.

We had a perfect review from the New York Times and we are proud of every word of it.

I couldn’t envision a more inspiring conversation to be a part of, and I might not ever witness something like it again. We reviewed quote after quote of praise for the production and the cast. It was clear that we could never fit them all in our advertisements . . . but Ken had a brilliant idea.

What if we just put up the entire New York Times review in a glass case in front of the theater? That way there would never be a doubt about how spectacular this show really is.

I’ve been asked dozens of times how it feels to be a part of something so remarkable. To be honest, it’s still sinking in, but I will say that I’ve never felt more in love with any team of people or anything I’ve ever worked on.

Here’s to making history!


IMG_0841Last night marked the first night of Spring Awakening’s entrance in the Broadway Bowling League. This is one of the many ways that the cast and crew get out of the theater and decompress after a long day of work. During previews, where there are rehearsals and work calls all day, it’s especially important to find ways to loosen up.

All of the currently running Broadway shows are invited to create a team for the league. Just passing through the bowling alley you’ll find teams from The Book of Mormon to Fun Home and everywhere in between.

As we get closer to opening night we find ourselves working harder and harder to create the perfect show. Meanwhile, we have to keep in mind that a little down time is just as critical to our success.


Only 2 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening! 


IMG_0811I know I’ve said 1,000 times that opening night is going to be a big deal . . . but we didn’t even realize how big of a deal it was until yesterday.

We have over 800 guests confirmed for our opening night party. Holy smokes!

We needed an enormous venue. So we toured the perfect space yesterday and we are ready to put the final touches on our party plans.

We reviewed all the details as we moved through endless floors of bars and DJ booths and chandeliers. Where will we set up the step and repeat? Where are we putting the press line? How many buffet tables do you need for 800 people again? We need a space for the photo booth and most importantly, where are we putting the “war room?”

The war room is where our marketing team sets up shop for the night. Unfortunately, they aren’t there to party, they’re there to jump on reviews as they come out and immediately get to work on pulling quotes. This process will begin shortly after the performance ends. In other words, they’ll spend the entire night working while our cast and special guests get their groove on.

While I’d love to say that the producers will be letting loose at the opening night party as well, it’s pretty unlikely. Ken will be stopping by the war room to give input many more times than he’ll be visiting the bar.


Only 3 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening!


IMG_0832Fall officially arrived in New York City this week. I empirically know this is true because I’m wearing blazers again. Despite the nippy weather, there is a garden in bloom in the Davenport conference room.

The opening night gift assembly line is in full swing and we have all hands on deck! We want to keep the surprise under wraps but I’ll give you a hint . . . there will be flowers, lots of them. I got to spend a relaxing afternoon getting a bit crafty. It was a welcome break from running all over the city to meetings and events (okay, so there’s always a little of that too).

We pitched ideas for weeks on these opening night gifts so it’s very special to see everything coming together so beautifully.


Only 4 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening! 

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