photo 1For the past 3 weeks, I have been working on a very secret project.  As many of you may or may not know, the Tony Award nominations are being announced next week followed by the actual awards ceremony on June 9th!  The prestigious awards are chosen by a large group of individuals numbering over 800 who are invited to see each of the shows.  This group includes leaders in the industry from all over the theater community, and they are invited following the opening night once the play has been reviewed.  Generally these invitations are nice letters in the mail to each voter who then call or go online to arrange the date of their tickets.  Nothing too complicated.

But Ken wanted to mix things up this time and create something special so Davenport’s creative director, Jamie Lynn Ballard, created an amazing invitation which then had to be cut down to a smaller size.  Each invitation was coated in coffee which aged the paper once it dried.  The edges of the invitations were then burnt, followed by each paper being carefully sprayed with red paint which created the effect of blood being squirted on the paper. While that dried, each envelope was coated in coffee as well.  Once they dried, we stuffed the invitations into the envelopes and sealed the letter with a wax seal that was our signature “M” from the show.  We made 820 of these invitations…and it took 3 full weeks to do it!!

On a different note, yesterday was Shakespeare’s birthday (!) and part of my opening night duties this past Sunday included meeting the VIPs in attendance and recording them wishing William Shakespeare a Happy Birthday.  To celebrate, we posted the video yesterday, and you can view it HERE!

Check back tomorrow for a VERY exciting announcement!!


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  2. Kerri says:

    Those invitations look amazing! Nice work!

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    休業日: 365天受付年中無休

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