image1 (1)On Friday afternoon we had our second marketing meeting with all the co-producers of Spring Awakening. These meetings are always exciting and usually result in some big giant last minute projects. The conversation moved from advertisements to sales and then to our digital marketing. Our rockstar marketing team wanted to get our fan club, The Guilty Ones, into the theater for some kind of special event. Of course, never shying from a challenge, we wanted to do it in celebration of our first week. That meant it would have to be planned in . . . two days.

Between all the other challenges of our first week of Broadway performances, we prepared to hold an event in the theater for an unknown number of super fans. We sent out an email to The Guilty Ones and hoped for some interest.

What happened was pretty spectacular.

By 3pm The Guilty Ones were lining up around the block to get their tickets and wrist bands for a post show meet and greet. By the time the show began there were almost 200 super fans in the audience, some of them ready to see the show for the 3rd or 4th time.

The marketing team met us during intermission to finalize the plans. How do we move 200 people onto the stage for pictures without wasting time? How do we make sure they all have access to the photos? Which cast members will be present?

Of course, we can never require our actors to join an event like this. So we were thrilled to see all of them file onto the stage to meet The Guilty Ones and take some photos. Even after the fourth performance in two days, they wanted to show their appreciation.

The meet and greet was a huge hit. All of the fans were able to take photos with the cast, on the stage, and then exit through the stage door like Broadways stars. Isaac (one of the winners of Ken’s tech and pizza contest) has even seen six out of the eight total performances so far.

It leaves us wondering who will the see the show the greatest number of times on Broadway.

Have you joined The Guilty Ones yet? We are already planning our next invitation. 😉


13 days until opening night of Spring Awakening!


2 Responses to Day 25 – The First Guilty Ones Party!

  1. Kimberly Jennery says:

    I’ll be out there next week – and REALLY hope there will be something like this during that time! I already have tickets for THREE showings, and I don’t think that’ll be it, either! Cannot WAIT to see what’s changed since LA, and SO excited for all the buzz, and all the updates from you and everyone else!

  2. Estaba buscando esa informacion hace tiempo, te lo
    agradezco, estoy de contrato con tu punto de vista y alimento igual.
    Despues de buscar mucho por Internet encontre lo que buscaba.
    Genial!!! muchas muchas gracias

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