Guilty OnesYou’ve probably heard that Spring Awakening has a fan club, The Guilty Ones. It’s pretty rad. Our fans have the opportunity to win cool prizes by sharing on social media and get invitations to special events like the one we held last Sunday nightand now we have one more surprise to add to the mix.

Ken wants to make sure that all our “Guilty Ones” are greeted with a special gift when they come to see the show. These are our super fans, after all. We milled over ideas for days and finally struck upon something absolutely brilliant.

Are you a member of The Guilty Ones yet? Make sure you are, because you might be greeted at your seat with something special from the cast.

Oh, and you’ll just have to find out what it is when you get there!


Only 10 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening!


2 Responses to Day 28 – Special Gifts for The Guilty Ones 

  1. Bill frank says:

    We missed out on the special gifts. We were at first 3 previews and posted our seats but guess it was overseen. Cool idea but we didn’t need any gift as the. Amazing performance all 3 nights was gift enough. We did get our guilty ones t-shirts and tote bags on the mail when we got back from New York and they are awesome.

  2. Maddie says:

    Hi, Alice, love the blog, adore the show (I was at the Guilty Ones event last Sunday and it was so wonderful talking to you, Ken, and the cast!)! That being said, I purchased my tickets before The Guilty Ones was launched, and just want to see if I’ll still get the gift when I come on October 12th? Thanks so much!

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