IMG_0829Opening night on Broadway is a time for celebration! We invite press and celebrities, walk the red carpet, and throw an enormous party.

Then, the next morning, the producers wake up bright and early for the infamous post-opening marketing meeting. This is a 3+ hour intensive discussion about our marketing strategy for the rest of our time on Broadway. It’s probably the most important of all the Spring Awakening meetings I have attended or will attend in the future. We pour through all of the reviews and collect the best “pull quotes” to use in future marketing. Pull quotes are pithy statements from high profile reviewers that summarize how amazing the show is and why you should buy tickets immediately (ideally). We’ll discuss the sales data from throughout the preview process and make adjustments to ticket prices. We’ll also talk extensively about the audience’s response and how we plan to leverage our core fan base for the rest of the run.

By opening night all the producers will have seen the show as a complete product and big decisions will be made. It’s lively, exciting, and very important.


Only 5 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening!


One Response to Day 30 – The Post-Opening Meeting is on the Horizon

  1. Bill frank says:

    I am betting that meeting will be over flowing with excitement and enthusiasm of the incredible product that Broadway has been blessed with.

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