IMG_0849The first day after a Broadway opening is a whirlwind of meetings and urgent decisions, and the top priority for the day is the post-opening ad meeting.

We arrived bright and early and were greeted by bagels and coffee and a summary of our top quotes in the reviews. These meetings typically revolve around spinning reviews to suit the interest of the show, but we had an unusual scenario.

We had a perfect review from the New York Times and we are proud of every word of it.

I couldn’t envision a more inspiring conversation to be a part of, and I might not ever witness something like it again. We reviewed quote after quote of praise for the production and the cast. It was clear that we could never fit them all in our advertisements . . . but Ken had a brilliant idea.

What if we just put up the entire New York Times review in a glass case in front of the theater? That way there would never be a doubt about how spectacular this show really is.

I’ve been asked dozens of times how it feels to be a part of something so remarkable. To be honest, it’s still sinking in, but I will say that I’ve never felt more in love with any team of people or anything I’ve ever worked on.

Here’s to making history!


2 Responses to Day 34 – There’s a “New Sensation” on Broadway 

  1. Bill frank says:

    History!!! Been saying the whole time that somehow this amazing ensemble (on stage and behind) have created something,somehow, more then a Broadway Musical. You all are truly making History. Thank you!!!

  2. Kimberly Jennery says:

    It’s been a heck of a week, for sure! What incredible performances they’ve been giving! Hopefully they’ll all get rested up now, and smooth sailing from here on out! :)

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