IMG_0829Opening night on Broadway is a time for celebration! We invite press and celebrities, walk the red carpet, and throw an enormous party.

Then, the next morning, the producers wake up bright and early for the infamous post-opening marketing meeting. This is a 3+ hour intensive discussion about our marketing strategy for the rest of our time on Broadway. It’s probably the most important of all the Spring Awakening meetings I have attended or will attend in the future. We pour through all of the reviews and collect the best “pull quotes” to use in future marketing. Pull quotes are pithy statements from high profile reviewers that summarize how amazing the show is and why you should buy tickets immediately (ideally). We’ll discuss the sales data from throughout the preview process and make adjustments to ticket prices. We’ll also talk extensively about the audience’s response and how we plan to leverage our core fan base for the rest of the run.

By opening night all the producers will have seen the show as a complete product and big decisions will be made. It’s lively, exciting, and very important.


Only 5 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening!


2 weeks addedOn Friday we announced that Spring Awakening has absolutely 18 weeks of performances . . . starting today! That’s right, we’ve added two additional weeks to our schedule. It just goes to show that anything and everything can change on Broadway.

Of course, we let our biggest fans, The Guilty Ones, in on the secret before anyone else (which is just another reason for you to join, if you haven’t already). When we confirmed the extension we sent them an email with a special ticket link so they had the first rights to the best seats in the house. Our official (and final) closing date is now January 24th.

I know what you’re wondering; why an extension and why now? Truthfully, the stars just aligned for us. Ken announced a strictly limited engagement because another show was scheduled to come into the Brooks Atkinson Theatre right on our heels (he even blogged about it here). Waitress recently adjusted their schedule, leaving us with two extra weeks that we couldn’t ignore. With the overwhelming fan response to the show Ken knew he had to pounce on the opportunity.

Do we wish Spring Awakening could run forever and ever? Of course! But an extra two weeks is still pretty stellar.

Are you coming to see us during the extension? Tweet @_alicerix which day you plan to attend!


Only 6 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening! 


you're invitedHoly moly, we are in the single digits for the number of days left until opening night of Spring Awakening. While the cast, crew and creative team are making all their final adjustments to the show, we are getting ready to celebrate their accomplishments with a spectacular party.

Imagine that My Super Sweet Sixteen show . . . except with all of Broadway’s finest and a little less glitter. That’s an opening night party. First you need gifts in the hundreds. Then you need one of Manhattan’s swankiest night clubs. Throw in an open bar and hors d’oeuvres and you’re halfway there. The celebrity guests are really just icing on the cake. (Did I forget to mention the cake? I’ll be ordering that next week.)

Opening night on Broadway includes all the red carpet glamour of film openings. We’ll be dressed in our best and posing at the step and repeat. There will be a massive champagne toast for all of our guests. There are even whispers of a Spring Awakening-themed photo booth. Be prepared for an abundance of selfies and congratulatory tweets.

Our office is completely overrun with tissue paper and gift bags, but it’s all for good reason. This will be our opportunity as Producers to demonstrate our love and appreciation for the people who’ve been working at all hours to put this show together. It will also be me my last hurrah as Associate Producer. Once the show is open many of our jobs are done and we will move on to other projects.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to miss out on the fun! We will be live streaming the opening night party for all our fans to enjoy.


Only 9 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening! 


Guilty OnesYou’ve probably heard that Spring Awakening has a fan club, The Guilty Ones. It’s pretty rad. Our fans have the opportunity to win cool prizes by sharing on social media and get invitations to special events like the one we held last Sunday nightand now we have one more surprise to add to the mix.

Ken wants to make sure that all our “Guilty Ones” are greeted with a special gift when they come to see the show. These are our super fans, after all. We milled over ideas for days and finally struck upon something absolutely brilliant.

Are you a member of The Guilty Ones yet? Make sure you are, because you might be greeted at your seat with something special from the cast.

Oh, and you’ll just have to find out what it is when you get there!


Only 10 days left until opening night of Spring Awakening!


091515Each year New York theater companies and shows get an entire dedicated block at the TheaterMania Street Fair. This time I had the pleasure of manning the booth for Spring Awakening. We took photos, raffled off tickets, and gave out the highly coveted Spring Awakening temporary tattoos. Sandra Mae Frank and Katie Boeck also performed “Mama Who Bore Me” and we even brought out the #TouchMeAgain sign for some fan photos.

The street fair is particularly interesting because it takes place in the Upper East Side, a neighborhood us theater junkies don’t get to visit too often. A lot of the folks who stopped by were learning about the show for the first time. I answered tons of questions, like whether you can understand the show if you don’t know sign language, and how it differs from the original.

I love having opportunities to explain that the show is completely accessible, whether you can sign or not, and that it makes Deaf West’s production a vastly different experience from the original. As producers, it’s very important that we understand the questions people are asking and how we can answer them in our marketing. Sometimes the best strategy is just to make yourself available. That’s why we have a chat feature on our website, we answer every question posted on our social media pages, and I write this blog!

Events like the TheaterMania Street Fair are perfect places to learn more about your favorite shows (and win cool stuff). Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello!


Only 11 days until the opening night of Spring Awakening!

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